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Whilst I love to coach in person here at the studio,  it’s not always possible for people to do that so I have a full online service available.  Though I don’t see you face to face, you will still receive the very highest level of service and coaching so that you feel supported throughout your fitness journey.  

I offer a range of online services to suit different goals and budgets so please do book a call or email me and I’d be happy to provide you with more information regarding these.   


Our New App is here now!

What is Online Coaching?

After a thorough consultation with you, I will build your plan which will then be delivered via the Personal Best app. 

But that’s only part of the process.  To me, coaching is not just giving you a plan that tells you what to do on a given day.  It’s about helping you to make small but long lasting lifestyle and nutrition changes that when added together, can make for some life changing results. 

Learn along the way, so that you can differentiate between facts and fallacy and feel empowered to make your own decisions regarding your health and fitness.  I am very happy to work with you for as long as you would like but equally, I love it when people are confident enough to go it alone.    



For Life!

Being physically active has been shown to help us lead happier, healthier lives. This is something I am privileged to witness on a daily basis through working with clients. It’s as though our whole system gets a reboot and works better from mental health and cognition, to improved digestion and sleep, better weight management and stronger bones and muscles    

For Sports

Endurance sports like cycling, rowing, triathlon and running are my speciality.  I know first hand from competing myself, that a well written plan addressing key areas such as endurance, strength, mobility and skill. can really boost motivation and confidence.  

Coaching Services

 Online Fitness Coaching 

Bespoke training plan, which will progress as you do!  Every 5 weeks your plan will be fully refreshed.  No boredom on my watch!

Regular support via the app or email, and a fortnightly telephone or skype call. 



£150 p/m


Online Nutrition Coaching   

Coaching designed for you, taking into account your goals, lifestyle, preferences and even your personality type, because that will influence how you take on information. 

Education combined with practical elements  to help you build sound new habits

Regular support via email via the app and a fortnightly telephone or skype call. 


£150  p/m


  Online Nutrition and Fitness Coaching  

All the elements of the fitness and the nutrition coaching, combined to help you reach your own Personal Best, whatever that means for YOU. 

Telephone or skype call weekly


£250  p/m


Frequently Asked Questions

is there a minimum contract?

No.  It’s important to me that you want to be there, and that you fully engage with the coaching process.  If for any reason you need to stop or feel happy to go it alone, that’s no problem at all you just pay for the month you are on. 

do i have to use the app?

You don’t have to no.  We can use other methods it’s just that some of the functions of the app, like instruction videos for each exercise, make it super useful when I can’t see you.  It also keeps all of your coaching in one place so you can access it easily from pretty much anywhere.

Some people worry about their tech skills with using apps.  Honestly, I am a terrible technophobe so if I can do it, you definitely can!  I can help you get everything set up and the app itself is really intuitive and such a powerful coaching tool. 


what if i'm really unfit?

We all have to start somewhere!  This is about breaking down your ‘big’ goal into smaller mini goals that you achieve as you go, which is a great way to boost motivation and confidence too.  You got this!

what if i have a pre-existing health condition?

Most health conditions can be improved by getting fitter and adopting healthier nutrition habits.  I have worked with clients with various conditions from pregnancy to diabetes, to joint and back pain.  

Speaking to your GP might help you decide whether exercise is appropriate for you.  I will never put you at risk by working outside of my scope of practice so if I would always refer on to the appropriate health professional if that is better for you.  If this is you, do give me a call and we can chat about it. 

do i need access to a gym?

The beauty of 1-1 online training is that I plan around you, where you’re at, and what you have available.  If you don’t want to join a gym and would prefer to work out at home, no problem.  No equipment is fine, but the addition of one or two pieces of well chosen equipment such as kettle bells or resistance bands can go a long way.  I can advise you about this during your consultation.  

Equally if you have access to a gym, great! 


how many sessions a week and how long?

Again, this depends on so many things; your goals, time available to you your starting point, previous experience etc.  Your plan has to be effective to get you results but it also has to be sustainable.  I would rather start with less sessions per week and see them being done consistently to build the habit, than schedule lots and lots of sessions that you just can’t get done, and then beating yourself up about it.  

Have questions? 

 If you’d like more information on any of the services I provide please get in touch and I’d be happy to help. 



07932 832052


Personal Best

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