Nutrition Coaching

knowledge + strategy = results

I offer online or in person coaching and adopt an evidence based approach – in other words, I take the research, and translate it to real life recommendations, because studies are not as digestible as actual food!  Hopefully we can bust a whole bunch of myths along the way too! 

Maybe you want to improve your sports performance, or have health related goals, or maybe you want to lose weight.  Let me help you.    

What is Nutrition Coaching?

In truth, probably different things to different people.  It would be easy for me to dish out cookie cutter type eating plans and tell you they are the best EVER…..but for one, that’s not coaching and secondly in reality we are ALL different.  We have different lifestyles and work situations, different bodies, different personalities requiring varying approaches and we don’t necessarily all want the same thing!    The approach I take with you may be quite different to someone else.  

“Good coaching should empower you to make your own decisions” 

Weight loss

 Whilst most diets work in the short term, the problem is that they are often unsustainable leaving people feeling that they have ‘failed’ or that they are ‘weak’ when in fact they are neither!  Let’s work together to find the strategy that YOU are most likely to be able to stick to, so that you can enjoy your food and stop feeling guilty. 


Sports performance

Cutting edge sport-specific nutrition strategies to supercharge your recovery, your training and your competition

Endurance sports

Team sports 

Making weight 


Optimal health

Nutrition plays an important role in optimal health.  Adopting good habits can help to manage existing health conditions as well as minimising the risk of developing them down the line.

I can support you through those changes to help you feel your personal best –  I want you to thrive, not just survive!

Coaching Services

Nutrition Consultation

90 minute consultation. 

This is very much a two way process, after which you will receive comprehensive written feedback relevant to your lifestyle and goals. and strategies to implement straight away.  




Monthly Coaching 

Nutrition coaching designed for you, taking into account your goals, lifestyle, preferences and even your personality type, because that will influence how you take on information. 

Education combined with practical elements  to help you build sound new habits

Regular support as required, by telephone. email or zoom 


£150 p/cm


Frequently Asked Questions

is there a minimum contract?

No.  It’s important to me that you want to be there, and that you fully engage with the coaching process.  If for any reason you need to stop or feel happy to go it alone, that’s no problem at all you just pay for the month you are on. 


Many  health conditions can be improved by maintaining a healthy weight and adopting sound nutrition habits.  

Pre and post pregnancy, diabetes, PCOS, IBS, nutrition for older adults. 

I will never put you at risk by working outside of my scope of practice so if I would always refer on to the appropriate health professional if I feel that is better for you.  

Still have Questions? 

If you would like more information on any of the services I provide, please do get in touch.  



07932 832052


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