Personal Best

nutrition and fitness coaching

Personal Fitness Coaching

Right here in our private studio in Bedfordshire.  Sessions can be 1-1,  or semi-private, sharing a session with 2 to 3  other people.  Great value and good fun.  

Nutrition Coaching

Evidence based nutrition coaching either as part of your personal training package or as a standalone service.  Let me provide some clarity in what can be a really confusing subject. 

Online Coaching

All the same expert programming and support but online instead for those who aren’t able to make it to the studio.  

Welcome to Personal Best

Whether you are coming back to exercise after a break, or just starting your fitness journey I’m here to help you.  And it’s going to be fun!  

Through a combination of smart training plans, evidence-based nutrition coaching and many years of experience I can help you;


– Increase your strength, fitness, mobility and resilience

– Build confidence, especially if this is new for you

– Boost your well-being, your energy levels and your motivation

– Generally live the hell out of life! 



How I can Help


Motivation & Confidence

This is huge.  Sometimes it feels as though life takes over so it’s really great for people to feel back in the driving seat again, in control of their health, fitness and well-being. This new found energy often spills over into other areas of life too!  


Increased Strength & Fitness

I firmly believe there’s an athlete in all of us.  Maybe it’s yet to be found, or maybe you are  a  masters athlete looking for ways to get a competitive edge.  Whatever your background pretty much everybody can benefit from increased strength and fitness.  

Having Fun!

I really really want you to enjoy the process.  Yes you need to challenge yourself, but to make it a regular part of your life it needs to be fun too.  And being fitter and more resilient makes the rest of your life more enjoyable, opening up all kinds of opportunities. 

Evidence Based

I’m a geek when it comes to research on fitness and nutrition and I love all that stuff but it’s important to interpret and apply it to real life and to you as an individual.   

Lets do this! 

If you have any questions at all about how I can help you, please do get in touch 


07932 832052


126 High Street, 



MK45 4BL


Or, we can get back to you!

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